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Are you safe in there?

Shooting every false hope down?

So you're pretty sure that you're on solid ground now

So far beyond repair

When there's break in the entropy

And that lasting light is all I see

That isn't you, I don't believe

They don't want you feeling bold

That's the first thing you need to make a brighter day

And then once the dream is sold

You're afraid they'll have you crawling on your knees

Why does it always have to be that way?

(I just want you to... can you still smile?)

Yes I can hear you

No I don't think you're wrong

I want to see you shine your brightest

I want to see you standing strong

And yes I can feel the poison

Don't let it take over you love

You're not who you used to be love

So comfortable in your sadness

Wearing your fear with pride

Who do you think you're fooling

You have to find some way

To take back your mind

Didn't say it was easy

Didn't say you had no right

I don't want you to give up baby

And I know it's not warm at night

I don't want you to calm down

But it seems you forget what you're fighting for

Do you think things will ever get better?

Or is that what you want anymore?

Isn't that what you want anymore?

Can you still smile?

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