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Welcome to the Chillout Room

During Covid times, I started going live on Twitch. I called my show, the Chillout Room, and it was just a place where I could make sound and feel at home. Now, I present The Chillout Room Liquid DNB session, where I DJ jazzy drum and bass tunes you can dream to, and sing you a few songs too. 

Check it out and let me know if you'd like to hear more! 



  1. Sentiment - Soul Motions (I'm Back)

  2. Nexus & Tight - Prism (Out of the Blue)

  3. GLXY - Introspections (Old Fashioned Stories)

  4. LSB - Walking Blues (It Was Me)

  5. Mr. Joseph - Who to Trust (Feel Things) 

  6. Italia - Physical Illusions (Waiting for Me)

  7. Nelver - Last Challenger (My Little Slice of the World)

Chill Out Room V1 Cover.jpg
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