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  • We are a community of electronic music artists and performers who create a variety of genres and come from a variety of backgrounds. It's about the beat.

  • We defy the rules in our own rite. We break barriers by bringing you sounds from our minds and hearts. Hearing us play live is not just a regular party.

  • We bring you the power of the beat through your speakers, no matter where you are. Wherever you are from, we bring you sounds that are like no other.

  • Our eclectic sounds are mixed with creative, high-end visuals. We create virtual spaces that bring the dancefloor vibe or chillout lounge right to your living room.


  • One or two virtual rooms with high-end visuals and lineups of DJs, MCs, beatmakers & singers playing live sets for you.

  • A dance cam that anyone can join, live on Facebook, so that we can all share the vibe and the energy of the beat. It's a virtual dance party! 

  • A virtual art gallery where paintings hang on digital walls and can be viewed up close. 

  • A raffle where a lucky newcomer to the group will win a shirt or mask of their choice from Eu4ic's shop!


We invite everyone and anyone to join us. We believe that by liberating ourselves, we give others permission to do the same. We want people to feel that they've had a truly unique experience, and to feel that the event was wholly remarkable. We want people to feel inspired that something like this was put on, and that a truly friendly and positive vibe was felt. We want people to feel elated from whatever is troubling them in their lives, from politics to COVID-19 to the way their private lives have been impacted.



Neurolynx is a DJ, dance lover, and deco master who's the co-founder of DoesitBANG?, a party catering to bangers. She performs jungle, drum and bass, house, garage, and techno, among other genres.

Instagram: @neurolynxbangs
SoundCloud: neurolynx

Oji Edutainment

Oji Edutainment is a music producer / audio engineer, songwriter, and 3D animator from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Instagram: @oji_edutainment
SoundCloud: Oji Edutainment
YouTube: Oji Edutainment


SINdicate is a DJ and producer from Los Angeles.

Instagram: @officialsindicate
Twitter: @sindicatemusic
Twitch: @SINdicate_Music
SoundCloud: SINdicate

Nuni Maya

Nuni Maya is a DJ and "creator of things" from Toronto.

Instagram: @nunimaya
SoundCloud: NUNI

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